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Sammi B.


I started going to Maverick after the loss of a pregnancy in hopes of helping my body heal and be ready for a healthy pregnancy. Shortly after, I got pregnant again and have seen Dr. Michael weekly (if not twice a week) throughout my entire pregnancy. It made me feel proactive and at such peace knowing I was taking care of my body and my baby. I can’t wait for my baby to have her first adjustment after she’s born! And I truly can’t thank Dr. Michael and Rosalie enough for their support and encouragement throughout this whole process.

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first time mom

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life enthusiast

Theo G.

Low Back Pain

I started seeing Dr. Michael for my lower back pain after I met him at a workout class. Right away, he developed a plan tailored to my needs and I started to see improvements in my lower back health shortly after a few visits. When I got into a car accident earlier this year, his adjustments alleviated the stiffness after the accident. The integrator tool lets your body adjust naturally. I don’t feel any pain or soreness that I’ve experienced in the past with other chiropractors that do manual adjustments. I definitely would recommend Dr. Michael’s services to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

Christine P.

Poor Sleep & Back Issues

I love going to Maverick Chiropractic! Knowledgeable, nice, professional, and accurate! I went in for back issues and have received the bonus of my night sweats going away!!! Not kidding ladies... within 5 visits I noticed a difference!

Plus the dog is so darn cute!

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being the change

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Dan M.

Ruptured Discs & Spinal Surgery

I underwent two spine surgeries years ago from injuries sustained during my police career. Ruptured discs were repaired but were a constant source of pain and concern. I came to see Dr. Michael with a sense that chiropractic could be helpful, but not entirely convinced. After the very first visit, I became a believer in the overall health benefits of Dr. Michael’s chiropractic care. His incredible knowledge of the central nervous system and gentle manipulations are what set him apart. He explains everything to you so that you learn as you go. Since starting with Maverick, I am walking taller, sleeping better, and generally healthier than I have been in years. I have learned so much from him about the importance of proper, ongoing spinal alignment, and how each vertebra impacts a different organ or part of the body. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who wants to live better to take the time to see Dr. Michael at Maverick and have the initial consultation and assessment. You will be a believer too!!



Paula H.


Maverick Chiropractic has made a huge impact on my physical well-being. My sciatic issues are nearly totally resolved and I have resumed my regular walking and exercise routine. Where I have been surprised to find greater stamina and mobility is in my household chores and gardening. Dr. Rees’s technique provides a gentle, targeted way of addressing my problem areas and keeping me fit.

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able to move forward in

mind, body, and spirit

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Ian M.

Overall Performance

As a former athlete turned performance trainer for athletes, there is something to be said about giving your body all the right tools to overcome obstacles and perform at the highest level. In college, had a traumatic spinal injury. Doctors said I would never be able to play football, run or lift heavy weights ever again. Through the discovery of Chiropractic Care and doing my own research on degenerative disk disease, I was confident this was the way I was going to get back to what I wanted to be doing. I found that traditional chiropractic adjustments were good, but I never found the relief to be lasting nor consistent when adjusted. After meeting Dr. Michael and learning about neurologically-based chiropractic care and the torque release technique, I was open to the different approach in assessing subluxations. In my first adjustment, I found an incredible amount of relief and almost a euphoric type of feeling. The following week, my body was responding in ways I hadn’t recognized post-injury from college.

forever athlete

Needless to say, this non-invasive and strategic approach has turned my life around and I am now stronger and in better shape than I ever have been. Keeping my body functioning at the highest level is incredibly important to me as I need to demonstrate how to perform specific exercises to my athletes and if I can’t do that then I am only a hypocrite. Thank you Dr. Michael for keeping my body right and helping me impact more lives - just like you!

Dustin C.

Herniated Disc & Mobility

I’ve been going to Maverick Chiropractic for three months now, as I have herniated discs. I thought I could only maintain my back health, but my quality of life, ability, and overall wellness have improved pretty drastically as well. I’m still getting older and will have aches, but my locked up back and bad mobility do NOT have to plague my future.

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hobby  addict

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Elena A.

Ruptured Discs & Spinal Surgery

I was involved in a car accident in 2011 and suffered a head injury, resulting in PTSD- anxiety, panic attacks, depression, headaches, and brain fog. I could not find peace; I felt stressed, always anxious and/or depressed with frequent panic attacks, and living in constant, hidden fear. Over the years I’ve tried several medications, a couple of different chiropractors, but none made any significant difference. I started to see Dr. Michael in September 2020 and I was transformed into a different person in only 6 months with his treatment. My anxiety decreased significantly, I don’t feel depressed at all, and my brain is able to function as I remember 10 years ago before the accident. I rarely feel headaches. I was able to get back to a high-stress job and actually have the ability to handle it. As a bonus, my PMS symptoms are minimal now with little-to-no mood swings and minimal-to-no cramping at the beginning of the cycle.

Thank you Dr. Michael!!!

Valerie S.

Neck Pain

I walked into Dr. Michael’s office on August 17th 2020. My neck was so painful and stiff I couldn’t turn it to the left and I would also wake up with my left arm numb. When you are in pain it is so refreshing to meet a doctor who is not only highly professional but also kind and listens to you. Dr. Michael also explains all the treatment that you are receiving. My neck is 100% better and I feel like a new woman!

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chiropractic newcomer

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former skeptic

Joan S.

Hand Numbness & Tingling

I came to Maverick Chiropractic after experiencing some hand pain, numbness, and tingling. After going through numerous medical tests, as well as spending a lot of money, I didn't get any answers or solutions and I was beyond frustrated. It was suggested by family and friends that I should seek chiropractic care. I was extremely skeptical because of negative experiences I had with chiropractic care in the past. A friend recommended that I come to visit Maverick Chiropractic. Upon leaving the consultation that I had with Dr. Michael I was once again hopeful! Everything was explained and reviewed thoroughly and a care plan was set up. Because of the compassion and caring at Maverick Chiropractic, I am feeling 100% better.


I am no longer a skeptic of chiropractors because of the healing I experienced and the care I received. I highly recommend their care. You and your health have absolutely nothing to lose but much to gain by checking out Maverick Chiropractic!



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